Based on Learning Theory


Virtual Violet Instructional Design Inc. will work with your organization’s processes, technologies, pedagogies, philosophies, software and Learning Management Systems (Blackboard, D2L, Moodle, WebCT, SAP or WIDS) in order to get your instructional issues and training needs solved in a way that works with you and your organization’s current practices.


We consult and make suggestions based on the application of the appropriate learning theories, models, educational research and experience. Although there are many theories and models to choose from, we currently focus a majority of our design practices on the research of M. David Merrill’s first principles of instruction, Blooms Taxonomy, and Robert Mager’s approach to Performance Based Objectives. Our Project Management practices focus on the ADDIE model and utilize strategies as outlined in PMBOK. Of course – depending upon the instructional issue that we are trying to help you solve, we may research other appropriate methods or strategies. With each project and progression of technology we are constantly learning, growing and evolving.