About Us

 Virtual Violet Instructional Design Inc. is a small Calgary, Alberta based instructional design consulting firm that can support your instructional design, educational technology planning, media development or project management needs big or small. Whether you just need a course outline review, or on a larger scale – a complete online course development with various training and media components… call us for a consultation so we can help you determine your needs or solve your specific instructional issue(s).

Our instructional designers are educated at a Master’s Degree level and will work with you or your project people (subject matter experts, instructors or developers) to develop a plan to meet your organization’s teaching and learning goals, delivery method, timelines and budget. We can pull together customized teams based on your project requirements – to meet your vision and purpose.


“A transition must be made from the typical campus classroom to the classroom in cyber space. Instructors and students behave differently in the two types of classrooms…” – Palloff and Pratt (1999)