This cooperate video was produced as part of an Awareness campaign to inform employees of the new training LMS that was being launched. A collaboration amongst artists, it was story-boarded, written and directed by Maris Chisholm with the video, technical editing, and animation done by Richard Manuel. The budget for this project provided the opportunity to hire professional actors and filmed on location at the company and in a filming studio location.

Not every media production requires a huge budget either. This particular video (within a series of 10 videos) for Lakeland College were produced as a ‘Welcome Message’ for each of the fully online courses. Chris Noster, the instructor for the course was willing to take on the role as lead actor. Maris and Chris collaborated on the writing and set design as it was filmed in one of the classrooms at Lakeland College. We completed the filming of all videos within a relatively low budget and within a 3 day filming schedule. The students have given great feedback on being welcomed to the course through a personal message from the instructor who they interact with on a weekly basis completing the course materials which where also completed by Virtual Violet. It’s not just about instructional design, it’s about designing fun and engaging learning experiences for learners.

This ask a P.I video (within a series of 5 videos) was produced during the development of the Fully online PI Certificate Program that was developed with 2 female Private Investigators. Maris got to work closely with the Private Investigators to develop all the course materials, assignments and videos for the program. There were many interesting stories, adventures and experiences that were captured and shared with students to encourage experiential learning! One of the assignments required the students to conduct a mini lunch hour surveillance. Was such a fun program to develop.

*Course samples available upon Request.