We can work with you to estimate the hours that a project will take and can work with you to stay within your scope and budget for each project. If we underestimate the hours estimation (and the project stayed within the ‘original scope’¬†outlined in the project plan)¬†– we will honor our original hours estimate upon final billing.




Instructional Design Services

Consulting & Development

$100 / hr

Scoping Project Scale & Needs

Flat fee 4-6 hours

$250 / Flat fee

Rapid Development fees

Immediate Deadline

$140 / hr

We will work with you to create a project plan that will outline the goals, milestones, and deliverables upon completion of the project to ensure clear communication and measureable results….

Our services may include: editing, copy edits, technical writing, DACUM analysis, workshops on writing objectives and or scoping projects, media development, graphic design, story-boarding, and of course instructional design consulting for training and curriculum development…



Learning Designers can help to target the development of specific skills and ability levels…