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The Challenges of Effective
Instructional Design

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Are Your Learning Solutions Falling Short?
In the rapidly evolving landscape of education and training, it's all too common for well-intentioned learning solutions to miss the mark. Despite investments in developing resources and making an effort to develop training, these solutions often fall short of achieving the desired outcomes.

Common scenarios where learning solutions can miss their mark

Disengaged Learners

Engaging learners effectively is crucial, but many materials fall short. Dull content or uninspiring presentations leave learners confused and disinterested. When goals lack clarity and real-life relevance, knowledge retention falters, hindering desired outcomes.

Mismatched Learning Objectives

When the learning objectives are misaligned with the learners' needs or the organization's goals, the entire learning experience becomes disjointed. This misalignment often results in a lack of relevance or real-world or on the job applicability, leading to frustration and a sense of wasted time.

Inadequate Assessment Methods

Effective learning solutions require robust assessment mechanisms. Without them, accurately gauging understanding, competency, and progress becomes challenging. A lack of assessments and real-life practice hinders identifying areas needing improvement or reinforcement.
At Virtual Violet Instructional Design, we understand these challenges intimately. Our mission is to tackle these issues head-on by crafting learning solutions that balance theory versus practice and are engaging, and relevant to specific competency and skills development. By addressing these pitfalls, we ensure that our clients' educational and training efforts yield the desired learning outcomes and drive integration of new skills, attitudes, and behaviors.

Crafting Engaging Learning Journeys

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vvi Instructional Design

Instructional Design

Crafting tailored learning experiences resonating with diverse learners, optimizing knowledge retention and engagement.

vvi Curriculum Design

Curriculum Design

Developing comprehensive structures aligned with objectives, skills, and profiles for elevated educational outcomes.

vvi Developing Training

Developing Training

Designing programs fostering skills acquisition, employee growth, directly impacting organizational success.

vvi Grant Writing

Grant Writing

Assisting clients in securing funding for educational initiatives through compelling grant proposals.

vvi Indigenization of Content

Indigenization of Content

Infusing indigenous wisdom for inclusive, culturally relevant learning. As a Metis Nation member, I harmonize traditional knowledge with a modern worldview, fostering accessible, inclusive learning.

Virtual Violet Instructional Designer, Maris Chisholm

Who is
Virtual Violet

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Maris Chisholm, the driving force behind Virtual Violet, brings over 20 years of experience as an Instructional Designer and visual communications expert. With a proven track record in academic education, learning design, media development, graphic design, and corporate training. Maris specializes in designing impactful, fun, and inspiring learning experiences that bridge the gap between theory and practice to help learners adopt new ideas and real-life application and integration of knowledge and skills.

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