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Empowering Education through Innovative Design
Welcome to Virtual Violet Instructional Design, where we empower education through innovative design, shaping the future of learning for a brighter tomorrow.
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Mission & Values

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Guiding Principles That Define Our Journey
At Virtual Violet Instructional Design, our unwavering mission is to elevate education and training through cutting-edge instructional design, ensuring the highest standards of cultural sensitivity, inclusivity, and excellence. We are committed to shaping a learning landscape where every individual's unique needs are met, fostering a dynamic and equitable environment that respects diverse perspectives and cultures while driving innovation in education.

Maris Chisholm

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20 Years of Expertise in Instructional, Content & Learning Design
With a rich and diverse background in education, visual multimedia and communications design within the academic and corporate training sectors, Maris Chisholm has been the driving force behind Virtual Violet Instructional Design. With a steadfast commitment to transforming learning through design, Maris and her team has extensive experience and a demonstrated history in instructional design, content development, and learning design. Virtual Violet has consistently delivered innovative, effective, and inclusive learning solutions in over 200 plus projects or course developments that empowers individuals to reach their full potential which in turn helps organizations reach their strategic goals or vision.
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Virtual Violet Instructional Designer, Maris Chisholm

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